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Touting Hatred, Division, and Fear: China Is Buying

Updated: Jan 10

When news broke of the closing of Saint Paul's College, an Historically Black College and University (HBCU) located in Lawrenceville, Virginia, it disturbed me. As a long-time advocate for the inclusion of HBCUs in federally funded programs, to me this action was equivalent to closing a significant chapter of Black History in America.

Digging deeper into the matter revealed that the Saint Paul's property has been sold. Shocked at this finding and researching further uncovered something eye-opening: America's colleges and universities are being sold and China is buying. So an HBCU was just the latest casualty that can be summed up as simply another "Global Business Transaction." What can be troubling is that this quiet revolution comes at a time when American leadership is peddling racism, division, hatred, fear, and yes, building walls. It will be said that it's nothing personal, just business. Are these transactions by China a rising trend? You decide because a college or university near you could be next in line. Stay woke!

Learn more about HBCUs.

Here and here describes options put on the table and what might be in-store for the future of the place that once was called Saint Paul's College.

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