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Will the Federal Infrastructure Bill Help Your Community

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act provides for $1.2 trillion in federal spending over the next five years. Learn how this could impact economic recovery and what it could mean for your business, organization, or agency.​​

Learn about the implications of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act on your business.​ This is posted ​on my FB page ​mainly in support of HBCUs and others in the Black community who may not have the time to investigate the over 2,000-page Bill to find out the ​tremendous support​ the Bill can ​provide for​​ their organizations, ​businesses, and overall ​community​.

The Federal government has done its part - it passed the Bill. The spending​ of the $1.2 trillion dollars will occur at the local level. Therefore, it is imperative that every Pastor and their appropriate Board, business leader and their leadership team meet NOW with their Mayor, County Council, County Executive, Town Manager, Economic Development, Transportation, Parks & Recreation, Public Works, Police, Chief Financial Officer, etc., to get first-hand information on how funds will be spent in their district.​

At a glance: ​here's ​what's in the Infrastructure Bill​:​

Infrastructure in the Unites States is deteriorating. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA or the Infrastructure Bill) would provide for $1.2 trillion in spending, $550 billion of which would be new federal spending to be allocated over the next five years. The historic investments included in the IIJA, from clean energy to broadband, would significantly reframe the future of infrastructure in the US​:​

* Roads, bridges: $110 billion

* Public transit: $39 billion

* Railways: $66 billion

* Power grids: $73 billion

* Electric vehicles: $7.5 billion

* Electric buses, ferries: $7.5 billion

* Airports, waterways: $42 billion

* Resilience, climate change: $50 billion

* Drinking water: $55 billion

* Broadband internet: $65 billion

* Environmental spending: $21 billion

* Transportation safety: $11 billion

Black communities must not sit and let this opportunity pass us by.​ Please have your strategic plans coordinated and ready to present so that pressing needs are not excluded from the overall spending package for your region.​

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