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For Shepard, Its Always Been About "SERVICE"

Approaching 75 years old, Dr. Shepard continues to mentor, coach, and teach, to enable others, especially youth, to become all they are destined to be.


He currently mentors two young scholar-athlete football players at Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) in Shawnee, OK. Click on link below to read the Press Release (PR) and view the YouTube video at end of PR.


Responding to a request from some in his community desiring to know more about HBCUs (Historical Black Colleges and Universities), Shepard shared a two-part series on the legacy of what he calls, "HBCUs: American National Treasures."

Dr. Shepard's desire is that God's goodness will continue to chase after him, and keep him in a state of life-long-learning so that he can remain useful to himself and to others.

The Mural at the bottom: In 2022, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) renovated the 6th floor of their building in Rockville, MD. Based on Shepard's work inside and outside of the Agency, a decision was made to place a mural of him on a wall in the newly renovated cafeteria. The mural includes Shepard's motto and will remain in place for at least two years.

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