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Time Management: No or Yes

Time passes quickly.  The 24-hour day that seems to have just begun is gone. But where did the time go?  It simply, "Ticked Away." Managing time can be the "big elephant in the room," not because no one wants to talk about it but because its proven that "Not Enough Time" is often given as the reason things did not get done.

Tasks, chores, and obligations will continue to come about.  When requests are made a good first step is to "Evaluate and Analyze Requests" in the context of its revelance to you by asking, "Should I Do This?" The result of such an assessment often might be, "No, This Is Not For Me."

However, the remaining tasks, chores, and obligations that are for you should be prioritized and tackled in a "Timely Manner."  This simply means, "Complete Obligations IMMEDIATELY As They Come About."  This strategy, along with knowing when to say no, might initiate the road to excellent time management.

Click here for some time management tips.

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