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TEDx Talk: What Made The Difference?

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

TEDx (technology, entertainment, and design) events bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused, and on a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter.

TEDxHowardUniversity 2016 held in the Armour J. Blackburn Center on the campus of Howard University drew a sizable audience, garnering great visibility for Howard University’s research-based graduate programs.

The theme of the event was "Recovery," which is an outgrowth of the Graduate School's Mental Health Campaign, launched in 2014. Additionally, the event highlighted the 150th anniversary of Howard University and graduate education.

As a Howard University alumnus, I recounted my journey toward fulfilling my destiny in a talk I titled, "What Made The Difference."

TED is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984 as a conference where technology, entertainment and design converged.  Today, topics range from science to business to global issues in more than 100 languages. Independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world. The organization passionately believes in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.  The TEDxHowardUniversity event will help to further propel the research and other programs at Howard to a level of increased global recognition.

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