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Debt Can Trap

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Some individuals will never realize their dream because of being lured into taking on too much debt obligation too early in life.  If financial resources in hand are not sufficient enough to Completely Eliminate your debt within a 20-day period, debt obligations of any size can quickly inch toward becoming long-term.  Since all debt-payback schemes strongly favor the lender, individuals should think hard and long before leaping into debt. Individuals must conduct Internet research to gain some knowledge on the historical aspects of what role marketing and propaganda play in increasing consumer debt. The research may shed valuable light on whether there are any "clever and dishonest schemes" behind money lending, or PURCHASES, that leads consumers to over indulge. Be convinced that there is something for you to do in the future that cannot be accomplished by remaining in debt. It can be a Trap!

Check out this article and others like it and this article doesn't even mention the credit card traps.

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