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Becoming Equipped

Future university professors at Howard University seek to know their role in assisting students in fulfilling their personal destinies. I was asked to share my journey with the Fellows.

A Poem by Cherie Ward © 2014

(A Future University Professor)

Inspired by Guest Speaker

Dr. Robert Louis Shepard

Fulfilling My Destiny, Step By Step

He began from a point of origin

Through the rearview mirror he spoke,

Dr. Robert Louis Shepard unveiled the package

And God removed the cloak---

That enlightened students and faculty

That every step should be taken with care,

This was a Preparing Future Faculty event

That invited all to share---

Their journeys and their desires

To continue to swim upstream,

To follow our destinies step by step

And never give up on our dreams.

For God will never forsake you

And yes he’s got your back,

Life can present many challenges

Just know he’ll pick up the slack.

One must be forthright and diligent

To hone their skill and keep up to date,

Not to invest in our spirit

Can be one’s greatest mistake---

But if you grasp and hold onto the worth

Of what God has invested in you,

Value is not quantified by money

But qualified by what you do.

“Know your work well,” a Shepard motto

for individual and collective success,

Working for others is okay

But entrepreneurship is best.

Individuals should recognize that if you give all

ALL is what you get,

Put God first in any endeavor

And you can fulfill your destiny, step by step.


Mentoring impacts on many levels and in a variety of ways.

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