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A Light To Inspire

I am continually amazed and blessed by the steady support for and feedback ​on​ "Fulfilling My Destiny, Step by Step."  When I set out to write this book, I only wanted to record my personal history for posterity. It has surpassed my humble expectations and gone on to be an inspiration to many.  After being published in October 2013, the following message was recently received in January 2017:​

"Dr. Shepard, I am still inspired by your "Fulfilling My Destiny." I came downstairs last week and found myself picking up your book and reading the last two chapters, again, involuntarily. I think one compelling attraction and mystery was, who were you speaking to in chapter 18, primarily, for I felt your voicing was quite intentional even though unnamed. Another attraction and admiration was your natural intellectual gifts, which were nurtured and which you tenaciously nurtured. And yet another was your deep devotion to God as your guiding light tower, un-detoured by your rational scientific training and persona. Regarding the latter, I find myself influenced by the words of Wernher von Braun, who asserted there is no real conflict between religion and science: science enables us to learn what God already knows." - B. Brown

My journey is shared in the pages of my autobiography, "Fulfilling My Destiny," taking readers from my days as a youthful dreamer to a contributor to society on the world stage. The final two chapters that continues to inspire Dr. Brown four years after first reading the book, discusses two paramount cornerstones of my life: "Building Relationships in Families and How to Hear God When He Calls."

So much was learned from my time with family on my grandmother's front porch. Chapter 18 opens the door for you to reflect on your own family dynamic and how it has influenced your life's path. 

Do you know the difference between hearing and listening? Throughout my life, I have come to find that it is in the moments of stillness and studying that I became aware and attuned to the leading and directing of God. The final chapter, shares my personal story of how God intervened to prevent a disaster from coming against me.

My hope is that you will be as inspired as Dr. Brown to go out into the world and fulfill your own destiny! Please download your complimentary preview of the final chapters of "Fulfilling My Destiny, Step by Step" and share them with family and friends.

Love what you read? The entire book is available from the website

store in paperback & ebook!

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