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My Attempt To Gain Some Clarity: Historically Speaking

As President Obama moves toward the end of his Presidency, the Republicans continue their push to stop his forward progress. In my view the reason why the Republicans have not been able to thwart the President's agenda is twofold:

  1. The President's call to leadership is God-ordained; and

  2. Republicans constitutionally have never had the votes to block the President's agenda to "Transform America" or should I say his "Transformation of the World."

Personal observations and some Internet research reveals clearly the many negative actions on the part of the Republican Party.  There opposing efforts continue and has been described as hostage governing, i.e., governing by threats and intimidation as acts of holding the government hostage. The inability of the Republicans to stop President Obama by using the right tool, i.e., the Constitution, lead to the following sad Republican history of governing by threats and intimidation:

  • Jan. 2009: Creation of the Tea Party (to stop President Obama's agenda from day one in office).

  • Dec. 2010: To make You a "One-Time President" (top priority of Senator Mitch McConnell).

  • Apr. 2011: House Republicans threaten a government shutdown unless Democrats accept their demands on spending cuts.

  • Jul. 2011: Republicans create the first-ever debt-ceiling crisis, threatening to default on the nation’s debts unless Democrats accept their demands on spending cuts.

  • Sept. 2011: Republicans threaten another shutdown (over the President being President).

  • Apr. 2012: Republicans threaten another shutdown (over Obamacare).

  • Dec. 2012: Republicans refusing to negotiate lead to the so-called “fiscal cliff.”

  • Jan. 2013: Republicans raise the fear of another debt-ceiling crisis.

  • Feb. 2013: Budget Sequestration (first steps leading toward government shutdown)

  • Sept. 2013: Republicans threaten another shutdown (over Obamacare).

  • Oct. 2013: Republicans actually shut down the government.

  • Feb. 2014: Republicans raise the fear of another debt-ceiling crisis.

  • Dec. 2014: Republicans threaten another shutdown (over the President being President).

  • Feb. 2015: Republicans threaten a Department of Homeland Security shutdown.

  • Sept. 2015: Republicans threaten another shutdown (over Planned Parenthood).

  • Sept. 2015: Pope Francis speaks to Congress (over Planned Parenthood).

  • Sept. 2015: Republican Congressman John Boehner announces that as of Oct. 1 he will step down as House Speaker and officially resign from Congress.

  • Oct. 2015: House Speaker John Boehner cannot step down because of inability to find his replacement due to chaos within the Republican party.

The sad and unproductive  tenure of the Republicans over the past nearly eight years raises this question in my mind, "Has the Republican Party reached its end or is its end near?" A look at history can help provide insight on the possibility of this question becoming a reality. Readings here and here might reveal that what we are seeing in the 21st century is a repeat of what has been seen before. 

By the way, if the Republican Party becomes something else in the future it will not be the fault of Congressman John Boehner.

Also for me, a major point that cannot be lost in this is, "That there is a powerful spiritual message in the process that was used to implement the CHANGE the nation and the  world  has been blessed to witness since 2008."

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